Papiers peints: Photo of cheerful dark skinned woman spreads palms, feels excited

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Papiers peints Photo of cheerful dark skinned woman spreads palms, feels excited and happy, makes decision, glad to hear positive news, wears optical glasses and grey jacket, poses indoor. People, perception
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Réflexion spéculaire Sépia Noir et blanc
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Papiers peints: Photo of cheerful dark skinned woman spreads palms, feels excited and happy, makes decision, glad to hear positive news, wears optical glasses and grey jacket, poses indoor. People, perception.
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Auteur: © Wayhome Studio; Numéro de l'image: #221284915, #373168378
Photo of cheerful dark skinned young woman holds modern device in hands browses her favorite web page surfs social media sends sms smiles positively dressed casually isolated on blue background
Tender charming happy curly woman has relaxed joyful face expression, afro hairstyle, wears knitted sweater, laughs enthusiastic, poses against yellow background, blank space aside, turns away
Portrait of delighted cheerful ethnic woman reacts on awesome gift, raises palms and stares with eyes full of happiness, cannot believe in her great success, dressed in casual wear, poses indoor
Portrait of good looking curly ethnic woman smiles broadly, enjoys day off, has happy talk with interlocutor, discusses holiday preparation, wears green sweater, isolated on pink background.
Horizontal shot of good looking cheerful curly woman keeps hand on neck looks directly at camera dressed in casual t shirt has nice conversation. amused girlfriend smiles broadly isolated on blue wall
Portrait of happy girl has afro hair keeps hands under chin looks with pleased satisfied expression at camera hears wonderful news dressed in casual turtleneck isolated on blue wall. face expressions
Positive cheerful young african american woman laughs positively and looks aside concentrated happily dressed in casual orange jumper isolated on blue studio background. people emotions concept
Amused carefree young afro american woman with closed eyes, enjoys awesome day off, dressed in stylish clothes, smiles broadly, isolated on pink background, feels lucky, free and successful.
Portrait of nice pleasant looking cheerful woman laughs happily has broad smile and perfect white teeth good mood carefree expression dressed casually poses against blue background. emotions
Studio shot of serious thoughtful feminine girl with dark skin, crisp hair, looks directly at camera, wears spectacles and t shirt, thinks over problematic situation, isolated over blue background
Horizontal shot of pretty carefree young curly woman keeps hand under chin, has good mood, feels pleased to receieve compliment, concentrated aside, dressed casually, isolated on blue background.
Portrait of satisfied dark skinned female model with afro haircut, gentle smile, dressed in casual orange jumper, looks straightly at camera, pose over blue studio wall for making photo. ethnicity
Pleased cheerful dark skinned afro american woman shapes heart, confesses in love and expresses sympathy, smiles broadly, shows white teeth, wears green turtleneck, isolated on pink background
Beautiful black woman looks to side, shows free advertising space, smiles broadly, dressed in white casual t shirt, isolated over blue background, wears spectacles for good vision. its for your ad
Photo of overemotive dark skinned african american woman raises palms, keeps mouth widely opened, reacts on something awesome, dresed in casual wear, isolated on white background. wow, how nice!
Sweet thank you. charming touched sincere afro american woman appreciates surprise or adorable gift, keeps palms pressed to heart, being very grateful to you, poses against purple background
Portrait of beautiful dark skinned woman with bushy curly hair, smiles toothily, has optimistic look, wears orange jumper and earrings looks directly at camera glad to hear good news isolated on green
Glad curly young woman keeps hand under chin, smiles carefree, poses with joyful dreamy peaceful expression, wear striped jumper, has snow white teeth, isolated on blue wall, blank space aside
Modest relaxed healthy afro american woman has tender toothy smile, enjoys lovely day, expresses positive emotions, wears casual brown jumper, looks directly at camera with eyes full of happiness.
Vertical shot of positive dark skinned woman with curly hair points above on blank space, dressed casually and demonstrates copy space for your advertisement. pretty girl suggests looking upwards
Studio shot of happy dark skinned woman crosses fingers for good luck, wears round glasses and casual white t shirt, believes dreams come true, models over blue background with empty space aside
Photo of funny young woman has crazy face, crosses fingers and sticks out tongue, foolishes around, wears casual sweatshirt, poses against yellow background. comic facial expressions concept
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Portrait of happy carefree woman touches neck gently, demonstrates natural beauty, dressed in casual t shirt, smiles broadly, stands over blue background with empty space for your advertisement
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Studio shot of pleasant looking fashionable woman with afro hairstyle, wears pink sweatshirt and yellow scarf, smiles happily, shows even teeth, being in good mood, gets praise from colleague
Studio shot of ethnic curly woman touches chin gently, feels happy and delighted, turns face aside, wears bright orange jumper and earrings, isolated over blue background, blank space for your text
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Notion d'émotions positives. heureuse jeune femme afro-américaine souriante dans les spectacles, se réjouit fête inoubliable avec un ami, vêtu d'une veste rayée décontractée, isolé sur fond blanc
Carefree young woman with dark skin, keeps hand under chin, laughs happily, shows white teeth, wears oversized red sweater, isolated over blue background with empty space for your information
Portrait of cheerful african american woman with glad expression, wears optical glasses, holds mug of beverage, wears optical glasses, pink turtleneck and scarf, isolated over white background
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Glad laughing curly woman giggles as heard funny joke, wears white sweater, keeps hand on neck, expresses positive emotions, stands indoor, blank space right for your advertisement. happiness
Headshot of serious looking woman with afro hairstyle, looks directly at camera, wears round spectacles and yellow jumper, thinks over about something important, stands in studio. face expression
Tir intérieur d'une séduisante jeune femme afro-américaine au sourire plein de dents, montre des dents blanches, vêtue d'un t-shirt mock casual, exprime des émotions positives, se dresse sur un fond r
Delighted african american girl with combed curly hair, has gentle broad smile, expresses positiveness, wears round spectacles, knitted jumper, isolated over yellow studio wall with blank space
Les gens et le concept de beauté naturelle. belle jeune femme afro-américaine regarde de côté, montre une peau saine et foncée, apprécie le temps libre, isolé sur fond rose. femme à la peau foncée cou
Happy excited woman has eyes full of joy, celebrates victory, raises palms, gets excellent news, has toothy smile, wears casual hoodie, poses against green background. people and positive emotions
Photo of joyous dark skinned woman makes face palm and smiles broadly dressed in stylish orange dress giggles positively hears funny joke poses against blue background expresses good emotions
Horizontal shot of attractive serious woman with curly hair keeps hands together and looks curiously at camera listens attentively interlocutor dressed in casual jumper isolated on blue background
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Horizontal shot of happy dark skinned model with afro hair, holds big ripe orange pumpkin, knows good recipe for preparing tasty organic meal, wears white sweater, isolated over blue background
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Pretty curly woman keeps hands under chin, chuckles positively and looks on right side, fascinated by something appealing, wears casual t shirt, isolated on pink background, free space aside
Pleased girl in orange jumper presses palms to heart, makes thankful gesture, touched with cordial congratulations, smiles positively, isolated over purple background. acknowledgement concept
Attractive charismatic woman with afro hairstyle, keeps hand under chin, grins happy, has good mood, wears casual jumper, poses against bright pink background. people, emotions, face expressions
Friendly dark skinned female holds palms together over chest, shows namaste gesture, asks for help, has happy expression, wears white t shirt, optical glasses, isolated over blue background.
Faithful optimistic dark skinned girl grins at camera with delighted look, makes wish with crossed fingers, prays and hopes dreams come true, dressed in orange jumper, isolated on lilac wall
Portrait of serious curly haired beautiful young woman with calm face expression, has confident looks at camera, dressed in long sleeved striped jumper, isolated on pink background. no emotions
Hopeful excited dark skinned female believes deal go well, makes wish, crosses fingers for good luck, pleads and prays, smiles broadly, shows white teeth wears yellow t shirt, puts all efforts in pray
Reçu très rapidement. Très bon état et le rendu est magnifique. La qualité est superbe.
Aude vrk
Commande reçue rapidement. Le rendu est superbe. Le service client est très réactif . Le rapport qualité/prix est très bien .
Je recommande sans hésiter .
(commande pour la France)
meleck melanie
Bonjour quelle est la dimension d une étoile svp ?
Toile conforme à la photo, de belle qualité. Equipe disponible en cas de question par mail. Très satisfaite !
Sonia Gaillard